Italy, Florence, 50124,
Via dei Serragli 49



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Set in a historic building, C.S.D. Istituto Gould is located in Florence.Free WiFi access is available in public areas and some rooms have garden views. With a modern décor, the air-conditioned rooms all come with a fan and a work desk.

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C.S.D. Istituto Gould front view

C.S.D. Istituto Gould Reviews

CSD Istituto Gould - TOF127 | Book Online with Monastery Stays

Book CSD Istituto Gould (Listed as TOF127) with online availability. Prices ... Well located and accessible for exploring this famous Italian city. Well located on ...

DVF - Gould - Ferretti

CSD - Diaconia Valdese Fiorentina ... I centri educativi Gould e Ferretti sono due strutture, situate in zone centrali della città di Firenze, all'interno delle quali ...

The Foresteria Valdese di Firenze (Istituto Gould) ...

The Foresteria Valdese di Firenze (known until 2015 as Istituto Gould), is a hotel and hostel in the Oltrarno district of Florence, Italy.

Foresteria valdese di Firenze

E-mail: Link alle altre foresterie valdesi in Italia: www. Link alle attività sociali dell'Istituto Gould:


University of Florence, the Istituto Geografico Militare, and the. Archdiocese of Florence .... This type of route constitutes the majority of the hiking trails in the Italian mountains. EE = for experienced ...... C.S.D. Istituto Gould. Via dei Serragli, 49.


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