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Via Luciano Manara 40



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A 2-minute drive from Veronafiere Exhibition Centre, L’Artigiano features air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. Free parking is available on site. Rooms feature air conditioning, a flat-screen TV.

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Book the B&B L'Artigiano from $71.76 - Located in Fiera Verona, this bed & breakfast is within 2 mi (3 km) of ... Italy • Verona Hotels •

Book your stay at B & B L'Artigiano and get advice on accommodation options in Verona from Lonely Planet's independent on-the-ground travel writers.

B&B L'Artigiano Bed and breakfast, Veneto, Verona, Verona city, Neighborhood (Italy)

B&B Italy B&B Europe. ... Enjoying a comfortable and intimate bed and breakfast is the best way to discover Italy (find here our commercial video in Italian).

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