Thailand, Chiang Mai, 50100,
28/6 Singharat Road, Sriphum, Muang



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Hotel information

G.D.Backpack House&Coffee is situated in Chiang Mai, 300 metres from Wat Phra Singh. G.D.Backpack House&Coffee features free WiFi throughout the property. You will find a tour desk at the property. Three Kings Monument is 500 metres from G.D.

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G.D.Backpack House&Coffee Front Photo

G.D.Backpack House&Coffee front view

G.D.Backpack House&Coffee Reviews

G.D.Backpack House&Coffee, Chiang Mai – En İyi Fiyat Garantisiyle Yer Ayırın! 5 değerlendirme ve 11 fotoğraf'da sizi bekliyor.

G.D.Backpack House&Coffee 28/6 Singharat Road, Sriphum, Muang, 50100 Chiang Mai, Thailand , Chiang Mai Province Share this hotel:


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