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Hotel information

P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-Audotel Hotel is located in Carcassonne, within 4 km from Carcassonne's Medieval City and The Canal du Midi. Free WiFi is available throughout. The rooms will provide you with a flat-screen TV and a desk.

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P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-Audotel front view

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The Audotel hotel is located in Carcassonne, 3 km (1.8 miles) from the city centre and the mediaeval city, where you will find and visit a beautiful castle and the ...

P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-audotel Carcassonne

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P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-Audotel in Carcassonne, France - Best ...

The Audotel hotel is located in Carcassonne, 3 km (1.8 miles) from the city centre and the mediaeval city, where you will find and visit a beautiful castle ...

P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-Audotel Rn 113 Carcassonne - Hotel ...

Hotel information (en) - P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-Audotel Hotel Carcassonne, France - Hotel P'tit Dej-Hotel Carcassonne-Audotel Carcassonne, ...

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