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This campsite offers a peaceful location next Attendorn’s Ahauser Lake, in the heart of the Ebbegebirge Nature Park. It offers well-equipped caravans, an on-site restaurant and a supermarket.

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Campingplatz Hof Biggen Reviews hotel Campingplatz Hof Biggen, Attendorn, Germany ...

This campsite offers a peaceful location next Attendorn's Ahauser Lake, in the heart of the Ebbegebirge Nature Park.

Campingplatz Hof Biggen (Attendorn, Germany) - Hotel Reviews ...

Campingplatz Hof Biggen, Attendorn: See traveller reviews, user photos and best deals for Campingplatz Hof Biggen at TripAdvisor.

Campingplatz Hof Biggen Finnentroper Str. 131 Attendorn - Hotel ...

Oct 4, 2011 ... Hotel information (en) - Campingplatz Hof Biggen Hostel Attendorn, Germany - Hostel Campingplatz Hof Biggen Attendorn, Germany - Hostel ...

Campingplatz Hof Biggen

Jul 9, 2011 ... Campingplatz Hof Biggen is located in Attendorn in region North Rhine-Westphalia , Biggesee, Sauerland and offers the following advantages: ...

Campingplatz Hof Biggen / Biggen / Attendorn / Orte / Sauerland ...

Der Campingplatz Hof Biggen erstreckt sich über ein weites Wiesental bis hinunter zum Ahauser Stausee. Geschickt sind die Stellflächen für Zelte, Wohnwagen, ...


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