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Amidst fields. woods and sand dunes. at the outer edge of the convivial Brabant village of Luyksgestel. you will find this group accommodation. The location is very suitable for a cosy family weekend or a reunion for example.

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D N Kattepoel Reviews - Luxury and cheap accommodation in Lommel ...

D N Kattepoel. Luyksgestel, Netherlands Netherlands (5.1 km distance from city Lommel). Amidst fields. woods and sand dunes. - please enter dates of your stay  ...

Nederländerna prövar att införa medborgarlön - DN.SE

29 jun 2015 ... I Utrecht startas ett experiment med medborgarlön efter sommaren. Tanken är att se om samhället skulle fungera effektivt om alla fick en baslön ...


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